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Request Samples of Awarded Grant Proposals

The Wizard started this conversation

Federal Money Retriever - Hint

Use the REQUEST SAMPLES option to request recently awarded (funded) grant proposals from the grantor agencies. Since in most cases applying for and getting a federal grant or loan is a competitive process, you can use a recently funded grant proposal as an example of effective proposal writing and as a source of useful information and guide. The wizard helps you prepare a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA request) for awarded grant proposal related to a selected federal program on your list. To make the FOIA request more specific (click here to read the full text of FOIA), the Wizard asks you to select an applicant type offered for this program. When completed, you can generate and print your FOIA request, which then must be mailed to the FOIA Office/Officer (the address is generated automatically) responsible for providing access to the records of the federal agency, including recently awarded grant proposals for the program of interest.

Using REQUEST SAMPLES option helps you create the following documents: Letter of Request under FOIA for Sample of Awarded Grant Proposal

To use the REQUEST SAMPLES option of the Application Wizard:
1. From a list, select a program.
2. Click REQUEST SAMPLES button on the main screen to start the wizard. (You can also click Application Wizard > FOIA request on the main menu.)
3. Fill in the required data by following the onscreen navigation and hints.
4. At the bottom of the window, select an applicant type.
5. Click Generate Documents button to prepare you FOIA request for print or export.
6. Mail your FOIA request to the FOIA Office Address as generated on the letter.


  • All mandatory information fields are marked with an asterisk sign (*).
  • Use the Wizard Navigator on the top of the screen, or Back and Next buttons to navigate.
  • In all lists, programs for which pre-applications were created can be identified by their highlighted checkbox:
  • FMR automatically generates and maintains a list of all programs for which users create sample requests. This list can be accessed through myLists button > mySampleRequests. The user can duplicate or open and edit, email, import or print sample request. Sample requests and applicants data can be deleted using FMR Privacy Guard.


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